Community Service

Payment By Community Services

You may discharge fines and costs imposed by Grand Prairie Municipal Court by performing community service in accordance with Article 45.049, Code of Criminal Procedure. You must appear in court before a judge to obtain permission to participate in the Community Service Program. See the Docket Schedule for Appearance Court or Juvenile Docket (age 16 or under) days and times. The Judge will specify, by Order of the Court, the number of hours you are required to work to satisfy the judgment. The community service work must be for a governmental entity or a nonprofit organization that provides services to the general public that enhances social welfare and the general well being of the community.

  • After the Judge has assigned the number of hours you are to work, you must contact the Community Service Coordinator, at 972-237-8600 for your assignment and the completion of required paper work. See Community Service Application Form and Grand Prairie Community Service Program Information Form.
  • Credit against your fine balance is allotted at the rate of $8 for each hour of work successfully completed. At any time during the process (unless you are a juvenile) you may choose to pay the balance of your fine (in one payment) and end your community service assignment.
  • Make sure you dress appropriately for your community service assignment. Do not wear clothing with objectionable or vulgar language/material on it. Wear safe, comfortable clothing. For further information on attire, check with the supervisor where you will be working.
  • Reporting for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, unsatisfactory behavior, and/or an uncooperative attitude will result in the termination of your community service. Your case will be returned to the court for further action.
  • Upon completion of your hours, you must mail or personally return your completed time sheet to the court. If you mail your paperwork, you must follow up with a telephone call to confirm receipt.

Community Service as a Sanction

Alcohol Related Offenses by a Minor

If you are a minor (age 10-20) convicted under the Alcoholic Beverage Code (purchase, attempt to purchase, consumption, and possession of an alcoholic beverage, DUI-minor and misrepresentation of age by a minor), the court must, in addition to the fine, order you to perform community service. If the offense is a first time offense, you will be required to perform between 8 and 12 hours of community service. If the offense is a subsequent offense, you must perform between 20 - 40 hours of community service. The community service must be related to the education or prevention of misuse of alcohol. Also, if convicted of the above mentioned offenses for the first time, you will be required to attend an Alcohol Awareness Program.

Tobacco Related Offenses by a Minor

If you are a minor (under age 18) convicted of possession, consumption or receipt of cigarettes or tobacco products, the court is required to order you to attend a Tobacco Awareness Course. In the event a tobacco related awareness program is not available, the Court is required to assign 12 hours of tobacco-related community service in addition to any fine assessed. The Judge may order community service in addition to a tobacco awareness course and payment of a fine.