Explore the possibilities of building your career through public service and interning at the City of Grand Prairie.

The City of Grand Prairie offers numerous early career opportunities for individuals from diverse academic backgrounds, ranging from Public Administration to Information Technology. 

What does a City of Grand Prairie internship entail?

In the City of Grand Prairie, interns are provided with exceptional opportunities to enhance their professional skills. Our internship program offers diverse experiences and is open for applications throughout the year. 

At this pivotal stage of your life, we understand that you may be seeking to expand your horizons, gain hands-on experience, and make a lasting impact on your future career. Our city's internship programs have been carefully curated to provide a platform for you to flourish and thrive. 

How to Apply

Enthusiastic candidates are encouraged to visit Grand Prairie City Jobs to explore all available internship and job openings.

Each posting presents a distinct and valuable opportunity, covering a wide range of career fields, including communications, information technology, public administration, public health, marketing, political science, environmental science, psychology, policing, fire, and numerous others.

If you don't find any open internship opportunities at the moment, you can still express your interest in future internships by completing the interest form below.

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