Special Event Permit

Thank you for your interest in holding your next Special Event in the City of Grand Prairie! The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) acts as a liaison between the applicant and various City departments to ensure all events are held safely and follow City regulations before issuing a permit.

Do I need a Special Event Permit?

Block parties that block or close a street or right of way require a Special Event Permit (regardless of the number in attendance).

Events with 75 or more attendees and any of the following require a Special Event Permit: 

  • sound amplification
  • disruption or block of traffic flow
  • a tent 400 square feet or larger
  • closure or block of street, sidewalk, or public right-of-way
  • temporary structures (stage, portable toilets, etc.)
  • alcohol consumption
  • sale of food

Enter information about your event below to find out if you a Special Event Permit is required.

Permit Timeline

You must apply for a Special Event Permit at least 30 days in advance of your event.

Applications are processed in approximately 7-14 business days, but approval times could be longer if the approving departments request updated information from the applicant.

The City cannot guarantee the review and approval of special event applications submitted fewer than 30 days from the event start date.

Application Process

Step 1.Review Requirements

City’s Special Event Ordinance Chapter 7.5

Insurance Requirements

To ensure the applicant and City are covered, the City of Grand Prairie requires the following insurance coverage for special events based on risk of event:

  • General Liability coverage of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence
  • Auto Liability coverage with a minimum at the statutory limits
  • If serving liquor at the event: Provide a minimum $1,000,000 Liquor Liability additional policy
  • For all policies: City of Grand Prairie must be named as the Certificate Holder, listed as an Additional Insured, and include a Waiver of Subrogation.
  • If amusements rides are at the event: Provide the vendor's insurance certificate with the applicant named as an Additional Insured.

An example Certificate of Insurance is attached below for your reference:

Example of Insurance(PDF, 1MB) 

Please note: Applications cannot be approved without the proper insurance coverage.

Site Plan Requirements

Please create a computer-generated site map including the following elements:

  • Indicate existing and proposed structures on event property (i.e., buildings, tents, rides, food trucks, concession stands, stages, signs, portable toilets, barricades, bounce houses, booths, screens, etc.)
  • Indicate nearby streets, entrance and exit routes, travel routes (for parades, runs, and drive-thru's), and road closures (if applicable)
  • Indicate guest parking, check-in/registration, and other relevant areas
  • Include labels, symbols/icons, and a legend on the map

Example event site plans are attached below for your reference:

Example Site Plan 1(PDF, 8MB)

Example Site Plan 2(PDF, 6MB)

Additional Permits and Documentation (if applicable)

Once your application is submitted, OEM will contact the applicant if the following permits, documentation, or approvals are necessary for your event.

Temporary Structure Permit (if applicable)

For any event that will construct enclosed structures in excess of 400 sq. ft. or structures in excess of 700 sq. ft. with open sides, please complete and submit a Temporary Structure Permit application under the Building Inspections Department. This permit is needed to complete the Special Event application process.

Apply for the Temporary Structure Permit online through the city's Customer Self-Service portal.

  • Click “Apply”
  • Search for “Building Commercial - Commercial Miscellaneous” application and click “apply”
  • Register for an account (create a username and password) to begin the application
  • In the application: Include all documentation for your tents used at the event, size/dimensions of the tents, event location, and Special Event name
  • Once you complete and submit the application, you will be able to login at any time and view the progress of your application review

Submittal questions for this permit can be directed to Building Inspections at 972-237-8230.

Temporary Food Permit (if applicable)

Temporary food and beverage vendors/distributors at your Special Event are required to complete and submit a Temporary Food Permit application under our Public Health & Environmental Quality Department. Please visit the Temporary Food Establishment Permit page for more information and to apply.

Submittal questions for this permit can be directed to Public Health and Environmental Quality at 972-237-8055.

Flame Certification and/or Site Inspection (if applicable)

Flame certificates may be required by the Fire Marshal’s Office based on the size of tents used at your event.

If applicable, applicants can contact the following departments to schedule an event inspection:


Parks, Arts, & Recreation Department Approval (If applicable)

If you indicate on your application that your event will take place at a City park, OEM will send your application to the Parks & Recreation Department for their review and approval before issuing the permit.

Required Event Information for Application

Application must include:

  • Event name and detailed description
  • Event location/address
  • Event start date/time and end date/time
  • Event set-up date and time
  • Event social media link (optional)
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • Food and alcohol distribution plan (if applicable)
  • Sanitation and trash pick-up plan

View printer friendly list of requirements

Step 2.Submit Online Application

Submit application including all event details and supporting documentation 30+ days prior to your event start date. You will receive a confirmation of submission email.


Step 3.City Reviews Application

Once submitted, eight different city departments will review the components of your application. At this point, additional permits or documentation may be requested from our Legal, Fire, Building Inspections, Planning, or Environmental departments before approval.

Step 4.Permit Issued

After all eight departments review and approve your application, the Office of Emergency Management will issue you the Special Event Permit. 

Step 5.Pay Fee

After the Special Event Permit is issued, you are required to pay the permit fee online.


$40 fee: One-time Special Event (No more than 4 events in a year)

$400 fee: Recurring Special Event (More than 4 events per year, but less than 14)

Please Note: Annual events that take place once a year are considered one-time events.