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About the Program

"Home for Hounds" aims to make shelter dogs more adoptable and jail inmates more employable.

Low-risk inmates train dogs in basic commands — like sit, stay, walking on a leash, etc.

"The dogs will be in areas of the jail with outdoor access," explained Dallas County Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia. "The program will rotate every five weeks, with one dog assigned to two inmates."

The City of Grand Prairie Animal Services provides the canine friends and will bring them to and from the jail. The hope is that Home for Hounds will reduce the number of dogs that have to be euthanized in Dallas County every year.

"It's a great opportunity for everyone," Garcia said. "The inmates can get out of jail with some basic skills on how to give commands to dogs. That could help them gain employment later. And it gives the dogs a chance to learn and become more adoptable."

The dogs featured on the website are being trained for 5 weeks at the Dallas County Jail by the inmates under the direction of a professional dog trainer. It is the hopes that the inmates may find gainful employment in an animal services related field when released from prison. Through programs like Home for Hounds, the Dallas County Jail is focusing on teaching inmates viable job skills that will lead them to productive jobs and law-abiding lives upon release.

Prairie Paws Adoption Center expects that the dogs placed into this program can and will benefit from socialization, companionship, and lots of one-on-one training. It also allows the assigned offender caretakers to learn the same skills while being responsible for the overall success of the dog.


Hounds in Training

There are currently no hounds in training.

When there dogs in training at the Dallas County jail, all of the dogs:

  • Go through a 5-week training session and live with their trainers, handlers and caretakers in a dormitory style work camp
  • Have had temperament tests and typically get along well with other dogs and people
  • Are immediately available for adoption, but we ask that you wait to take them home until after their graduation
  • Crate trained, house trained, and learn basic obedience
  • Work on their leash skills in the program, but may need additional help after graduation
  • Are up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered and heartworm negative

Graduated Hounds

At this moment, all Graduated hounds have been adopted.  

Foster a Hound

Thank you for your interest in fostering a Home for Hounds! We are in need of short-term (usually 2-3 weeks) foster homes for dogs before and after (if not adopted) they go to jail for their training. We provide everything you need, such as food, feeding/water bowls, collars, harness, tags, an 'adopt-me' vest and crates (upon availability). All you need to do is provide a loving home!

As a foster parent, you'll provide a temporary home for a newly rescued dog until they go to the Dallas County Jail for their training or after they have received their training.  Proving a foster home helps the dogs "desensitize" and not feel as stressed when moving from the shelter to the jail. You can also help promote the dog for adoption by sharing pictures and video with us to post on social media and help them work on their social skills and basic commands.

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