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Healthy Resolutions

Every year, after the holidays, people want to ring in the New Year with a fresh start. Healthy resolutions get people motivated to try to live their best life during the New Year. Here are a couple ways that you can start leading a healthy, active lifestyle in 2018!  


GetUp, Get Out, Get Moving!

Healthy Resolutions Get Moving

While some people think you need to go out and buy a gym membership or go run a marathon, it is actually much simpler to start leading an active lifestyle. The little things you do throughout the day really start to add up. Start by taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator or go out for a family bike ride after dinner instead of sitting in front of the television. Anything you do that gets you up and moving will help.  It is important to start off with baby steps and work your way up to running that marathon or whatever your personal goal may be.  


What’s Cooking?

Healthy Resolutions CookingAlthough sometimes it may seem easier to go out to eat and let someone else cook for your family, there are multiple benefits to staying home and whipping up something good to eat. It’s no secret that it can be quite expensive to go to a restaurant yet most people still do it! By cooking at home your family can save more money. You can try meal-prepping for the whole week or start out slow and make a couple freezer meals that can be easily reheated. You are also able to control what ingredients goes into your meal and the portion sizes that are served. Cooking can also be a good way to bond by getting the whole family involved.


Clear Your Mind

Healthy Resolutions Clear MindDaily stresses can definitely take its toll on your body and your mind. It is important to take some time each day to just breathe and relax. Relaxation can be different for everyone. For some it may be getting out a coloring book while others may be more relaxed going for a walk or taking a yoga class. Whatever you do to relax and clear your mind, make sure you find time to do it. 



Focus on Quality Time

Healthy Resolutions Quality TimeSpend more time with the ones you love! Try turning off those cells phones and putting that tablet away and break out the board games or crafts. We are often so consumed by our electronics that we forget about the people sitting right across from us at the table.  





My Health Passport

Healthy Resolutions Health PassportEvery year Get Fit GP partners with local business to promote active, healthy lifestyles in our community. Please take advantage of this great opportunity to try out some of these services and businesses to jumpstart your healthy New Year’s resolutions. You can pick up your Health Passport at the following locations (while supplies last) or download the passport online.

  • Environmental Services Department, 206 W Church Street
  • Main Library, 901 Conover Drive
  • Warmack Library, 760 Bardin Road