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StreamIn an effort to keep an eye on Grand Prairie's waterbodies, the Environmental Quality Division has been monitoring 22 sites along the city's streams since 1986. Once a month, water quality is evaluated at each sample site using field measurements and laboratory analyses. Data collected during these monitoring events are used to detect and eliminate illicit discharges or other threats to human and environmental health. At each site, parameters are statistically analyzed for trends, and atypical results are identified, researched and resolved.

The city uses Texas Surface Water Quality Monitoring Procedures to ensure accurate data. The Texas Surface Water Quality Standards establish quantitative and qualitative goals throughout the state, and protective standards are used to designate purposes for which the state's waterbodies should be suitable. Some of the data collected, such as fecal coliform and dissolved oxygen, can be compared with a state standard, but many parameters, such as ammonia or turbidity, are used to look at trends within a surface waterbody.

The sampling plan initiated in 1986 has been used for reporting data to the TCEQ since 1992. This plan has served the city well for the last 28 years and has been particularly helpful in assessing impacts affecting surface water quality. In light of more recent developments around the city, it was considered prudent to review the sampling locations and add new sites particularly in the southern and eastern portions of the city. In 2008, Environmental Quality progressively modified the stream sampling locations to include areas of new development. In addition, sampling sites were revised using a subwatershed approach. Subwatersheds are now monitored at an upstream location close to its entry into Grand Prairie and a downstream location as it exits Grand Prairie or discharges into a waterbody.

View the North Central Texas Council of Governments Wet Weather Monitoring Station results from areas surrounding Grand Prairie.

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