Parking in Residential Areas

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Vehicles cannot be parked in the front, side or rear yard, unless on asphalt or concrete.

No parking of oversized vehicles (over 1.5 tons, width of 8 feet and length of more than 36 feet) in residential neighborhoods.

Vehicles are not allowed to stand or park unattended for a continuous period of 48 hours on a public street.

Parking: Examples of Violations

Updated on 06/18/2015 12:43 PM

  • oversized vehicle 1
  • oversized vehicle 2
  • oversized vehicle 3
  • Vehicle parked on yard next to driveway
  • Rusty truck parked on yard in front of house
  • Truck parked on yard near curb
  • Two vehicles parked on yard under a tree
  • Truck parked under a tree in a front yard

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