General Information

A Site Plan is a detailed development plan showing how a parcel or parcels of land will be improved.  The purpose of a site plan is to insure compliance with the requirements of the Unified Development Code, to promote a better site design, to integrate projects more effectively into their surrounding environment, to prevent the impairment or depreciation of property values, to improve internal vehicular and pedestrian circulation, to encourage quality and innovative site planning techniques, and to protect and enhance the overall general welfare.

Reference  Article 16, "Site Plan Approval," of the Unified Development Code.

The following is a listing of approved Site Plans as adopted by the Development Review Committee, Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council. The files are available in 'PDF' format and may take several minutes to download on a standard modem connection.

For questions, comments or to report any issues E-Mail the Planning.  For immediate assistance please call the Planning Department at (972) 237-8257.


The site plans below are in "Name (Case Number)" format. To access a site plan enter the case number (located to the right of the site plan name) into the text box provided.  After the reference number has been entered click on the "Open Site Plan" button to start the download.

Site Plans

The Site Plan for "Lone Star Track (S051101)" would be entered as 'S051101' in the text box.
The Site Plan for "Southwest Village (S030801)" would be enter as 'S030801' in the text box.

The following list is in the process of being updated. An updated version will be available soon.


$3 Carwash LP (SU070402)
105 NW 23rd Street (SU930603)
108 NE 19th Street (SU930905)
1102 Avenue J East (SU911101)
1110 N State Highway 360 (SU940901)
1209 W Trinity Boulevard (S060801)
121 SE 14th Street (SU080301)
1302 Avenue T (SU020801)
1305 E Main Street (SU051101)
131 SE 14th Street (SU910302)
146 SE 16th Street (SU910301)
1550 S. Great Southwest Parkway (SU070701)
1701 E. Main Street (SU100502)
1713 Dalworth Street (SU051001)
1924 Young Street (SU100702)
200 W Camp Wisdom Road (SU060102)
202-214 NE 19th Street (SU900401)
2122 W Main Street (SU040802)
2202 113th Street (SU911102)
223 SW 6th Street (SU020101)
2240 E Main Street (SU030302)
225 Gilbert Circle (S070202)
2300 Dalworth Street (SU930604)
2300 Dalworth  Street (SU931001)
2334 S Belt Line Road (SU930602)
2520 Robinson Road (SU100903)
2520 W Bardin Road (SU001101)
2580 W Camp Wisdom Road (S060201)
2584 W Jefferson Street (SU940603)
2602 Mayfield Road (SU100501)
2609 W Jefferson Street (SU061104)
2613 Skyway Drive (SU061002)
2905 E Arkansas Lane (SU931201)
2911 Kingswood Boulevard (S070601)
2920 E. Main Street (SU110303)
3030 W Camp Wisdom Road (SU060903)
3040 W Camp Wisdom Road (S061003)
3060 Camp Wisdom Road (S061101)
3109 S Carrier Parkway (SU950103)
3133 Roy Orr Boulevard (SU050902)
3225 Roy Orr Boulevard (S070403)
3251 Carrier Parkway (S080701)
3325 Roy Orr Boulevard (S070402)
3915 S Great Southwest Parkway (SU930904)
3970 S Belt Line Road (S931002)
401 Camden Drive (SU961203)
4014 S Belt Line Road (SU960802)
405 Bill Irwin Street (SU061003)
407 Marshall Drive (SU010901)
410 E Trinity Boulevard (S060203)
4165 Magna Carta Boulevard (SU110703)
425 E. Pioneer Parkway (SU100601)
4927 Lakeridge Parkway (S041102)
5103 Magna Carta Boulevard (S070201)
5115 Lakeridge Parkway (S070904)
520 W. Pioneer Parkway (SU091202)
5280 S Highway 360 (AS070102)
717 E. Jefferson Street (SU110202)
817 Tamara Lane (SU050202)
835 Mayfield Road (S060802)
902 Dalworth Street (SU110102)
Alborada(Arioso-Toccata) (S050401)
ALDI Food Store (S081001)
Anna May Daulton Elementary School (AS041102)
Apple Bee's (S021102)
Auto Body Painting Facility (SU080403)
Auto Repair Shop (SU061101)
Autonation Addition (S021201)
Bell Helicopter Textron (SU080406)
Beltline Crossing (S051103)
Best Western Hotel (S080301)
Beto's (AS020402)
Billboard IH-20 (S040101)
BJCJ Industrial Properties LTD (SU090904)
Brdecka Enterprises LLC (Z930501)
Buffalo Wild Wings (S030804)
Cabaniss Elementary School (AS060501)
Camp Wisdom Medical Center (S080602)
Cano Barber College (AS990502)
Career High School  (S080101)
Cato Stores (S021001)
Cedar Prairie Plaza (AS030601)
Cell Site For Southwestern Bell (SU910301)
Cemetery (SU940701)
CGI/Mountain Creek Retire (S030101)
Chase Oaks Apartments (S020301)
Children's Lighthouse (SU060904)
Chili's (S070901)
China Dragon Restaurant (S041001)
Chuck E Cheese (S070902)
Chuck E Cheese's (SU070902)
Cingular Wireless (S050501)
Coin Laundry (S020801)
Comfort Suites (S061002)
Commercial Center at Pioneer (S070104)
Cora Spencer Elementary School (AS041101)
Cross Point Business Park III (S070403)
Crosspoint Church of Christ (S101103)
Crouch Elementary School (S070602)
CVS (Eckerd) (S031001)
CVS Pharmacy (S030802)
Dario Auto Sale (SU060702)
Day Care (SU080101)
Delaval Manufacturing (SU061001)
Duke Construction (S060601)
Enviromatic System Inc (S080303)
Evangel Church (SU070201)
Exxon Mobile (S050102)
EZ Auto Sales (SU071102)
Family Video Inc. (S060702)
Farrell Elementary School (AS200103)
Firestone (S041104)
Florence Hill Elementary School (S890901)
Flowers Baking Co, LLC (AS020401)
Forum at GP (S041004)
Fruit Of The Earth (SU070502)
Goelzer (S060401)
Goelzer Add, Lot 3R, 4 & 5 (S070501)
Golden Corral (S050902)
Goodyear Tire (S030301)
Grand Bank of Texas (S020701)
Grand Lakes Distribution Center (S080202)
Grand Prairie Ford (S080603)
Harkins Theaters (S050103)
High Prairie Business Park, Lt 5, Blk D (SU110302)
Holiday Inn (S080601)
Hotel (S080204)
Hotel Redevelopment 380 E. Palace Parkway (S080802)
I.H. 30 (SU970701)
Indigo Pointe (S040102)
Inglewood Shopping Center (S844SE23)
Jackson Middle School (S960302)
Jason's Deli Distribution (S070905)
K-D Car Wash (SU860605)
Kidd Academy (SU050601)
Kwik Dry Clean Super Center (S070101)
Kwik Lube & Services (SU060604)
L.A. Fitness (AS060202)
Lake Parks Addition (S061104)
Lake Ridge Plaza (S051201)
Lakeshore Village (S041002)
Lakeside Villas (S070103)
Lakeview Storage (AS051001)
Laticrete International (SU070101)
Leggit Switching Station (S080201)
Lighthouse Rescue Mission-Day Care (SU020302)
Lone Star Race Track (S051101)
Lord Auto (SU060602)
Lots 2 & 3, Block A, Lake Parks Addition (S100801)
Matthew Road Baptist Church (SU031101)
Mexican Inn Restaurant (SU050901)
Mid-South Lumber (S031102)
Minyard Food Stores, Inc. (SU060902)
National Autobody Parts (S050701)
National Tire &  Battery (SU080401)
Nokia Theatre (S070401)
North Texas Electrical School (S020601)
Northern Tool & Equipment (S031101)
Oak Plaza (S030602)
Oak Timbers Apartments (S031201)
Opus Warehouse (S020501)
Orourke Petroleum Product (SU060901)
Orphans Of The World Inc (SU930403)
Park View (S030803)
Park Village-New Development (S031103)
PJ'S Auto (SU070601)
Popeye's (S050801)
Prairie Ranch (S041003)
Prairie Ridge Center II, Lot 6 (S061103)
Prime Outlets (S080801)
Prime Outlets (S080801)
Quaker (AS041103)
Quiktrip Corp (SU070301)
Republic Its (SU891002)
Retail Center (SU071203)
Robinson Road (SU980602)
Rs Used Oil Services Inc (SU060603)
Scott's Car Wash (SU040701)
Securelock (S060301)
Securlock (AS060401)
Service Broadcasting (AS950401)
Shady Grove Ranch (AS060201)
Sheffield Village IV Lot 2R (S060902)
Sonic Drive-In (S080402)
Southtrust Bank (S040701)
Southwest Village (S030801)
Southwestern Bell (SU930802)
Sports Bar And Grill (S060202)
Spring Creek BBQ (S070302)
SS World Enterprise Inc (SU071201)
St Michael Catholic Church (SU050201)
St. Louis Townhouse (S030701)
Starbucks (AS050901)
Starbucks (S050601)
Starbucks Coffee Company (S070203)
Starrett Elementary School (S890801)
Sterling Autobody (AS020102)
Stone Brooke Phase 3 (AS060602)
Stone Lake Apartments (S041101)
Storage Plus (AS990601)
Summer Suites Hotel (S971001)
The Winery Of Grand Prairie (S040401)
Timberoaks Apartments (S030601)
T-Mobil Cell Tower (S050301)
T-Mobile Tower (S040702)
Town Hall Adult Day Care (Z950804)
Townhomes of Camp Wisdom (S080401)
Traders Village (S040301)
TXU Cell Tower (S040403)
Verizon Wireless (SU071202)
Verizon Wireless Antenna (AS051202)
Wachovia Bank (S080102)
Wachovia Bank (S080203)
Walgreens (S041103)
Warehouse (S080403)
Warehouse (S080501)
Westchester Professional Park (S021101)
Westchester Village Addition Phase 2 (S020702)
Whiteco Residential Addition (S021202)
Wright Senior Apartments (S030901)
YMCA (S050101)