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The purpose of the Peninsula PID is to enhance the maintenance of public property beyond the level normally provided by the City. 

Peninsula PID provides maintenance and improvements to the existing irrigation systems, fencing, and landscaping in the Peninsula common areas and provides ongoing improvements to these areas in order to beautify our community and enhance our residential property values.

The following candidates for Advisory Board lead your PID:

Joshua Spare – President 

Shane Ewert - Vice President

Andrea Kinloch - Secretary/Treasurer

Bobby Waddle

Bob Menno

Bill Crolley (Non-voting)

What Is a PID?

A tool for neighborhoods to upgrade the appearance and maintenance of public areas. Funds from a special assessment are used to provide enhanced landscaping, signage, irrigation, entry features and perimeter fences.  Improvements are determined by a resident advisory board, who are volunteers.

Pond and Lake Alert!!!

From: Magnolia Fisheries

Re: Extreme HEAT and low water conditions

Many ponds and lakes are losing water each day. As the water depth decreases, water temperature increases. As water temperature increases, the oxygen holding capacity of water decreases. Most small ponds and lakes are at a critical low oxygen level. We are seeing many fish kills from low oxygen conditions. All our biologists are reducing the frequency and amount of products applied to ponds and lakes. If we treat and kill large mats of vegetation during these conditions, the increased oxygen demand will result in fish kills.

We are also turning off many fountains and pond aerators because they are sitting on the bottom of the ponds and tilting the water stream sideways. The extreme heat is also causing many electrical components in the control panels to fail.


If your pond or lake has a water well, run it constantly to make up for water lost to evaporation. Increased water depth will solve most problems.

If your pond or lake has fish in it, run your fountain 24/7 to increase the oxygen level as much as possible. Some cities are recommending turning these units off to prevent additional water evaporation. Unless ordered to do so, we recommend leaving all fountains operating.

If your pond or water feature has fish in it, DO NOT add city or community water. The chlorine will kill the fish.

If your property experiences a fish kill, have us or a porter service remove the fish as soon as possible. The decay consumes oxygen and a public health hazard may result from flies, etc.