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The purpose of the Forum Estates PID is to enhance the maintenance of public property beyond the level normally provided by the City.

Forum Estates PID provides maintenance and improvements to the existing irrigation systems and landscaping in the Forum Estates common areas and provides ongoing improvements to these areas in order to beautify our community and enhance our residential property values. For much more information, please visit our interactive website at www.forum-pid.org.

The following Advisory Board leads your PID:

Bobbie Rapp 

Chandra Charles

Joe Tarrant

John Sittmann

Mike Kaftan

Shawn Connor

Vic Travis


Forum Estates PID Wall Replacements!

  • Forum Estates PID was created in 2001 and has been installing and maintaining landscaping and irrigation in the rights-of-way and medians throughout the PID. This year, the PID replaced one section of deteriorating brick fencing located along Forum Drive; however, there is more brick and wood fencing to be replaced along Forum Drive, Mayfield Road, Atrium Drive, and Paladium Drive.
  • The PID board has voted to replace the deteriorating fencing with 4,977.75' of 6' RhinoRock Concrete fencing and 2,171.5' of 8' Kroy Premium Woodgrain Vinyl fencing. RhinoRock is a fiberglass reinforced concrete fence with a polystyrene core. The project will include concrete mow strips beneath all of the new fencing.
  • The project will be funded through the issuance of a ten-year loan in the amount of $714,000. The estimated debt service payment for this loan will be approximately $83,700/year.
  • The PID will fund this by increasing the assessment rate by $0.035 from the existing rate of $0.085/$100 of appraised value to a new rate of $0.12/$100 of appraised value.
  • The average assessment will increase from $134/year to $190/year.
  • Please see the PID meeting schedule for meeting dates and times.
  • Budget
  • Map of wall replacements

FRPID Old Wall DSC_0268 FR

Forum Drive wall before replacement

FRPID New Wall (Brookfield) 2b

Forum Drive wall after replacement