The Street Maintenance Sales Tax fund provides the resources for the maintenance and replacement of existing city streets and alleys, working toward bringing the overall condition to an acceptable level for the citizens of Grand Prairie.

Sales Tax Helps Improve City's Streets and Alleys

In 2001, 2005, 2009 and again in 2013, Grand Prairie residents voted to increase the city's sales tax by one quarter of one cent to repair existing streets and alleys throughout the city.

2016 Sales Tax Street Projects

The streets and alleys listed below have been approved by the City Council for the 2016 projects. Residents who will be affected by construction will be notified before projects begin.

Street Name From/To Status
Metronome Saugus Dr to Saugus Dr
Maple Ridge to Holly Hill
Stadium to Stadium
S Carrier
W Phillips Ct to Dickey Not Started
British N Carrier to Camelot Working on Now
Shady Grove
N Beltline to HWY 161 Working on Now
Holland Manning to Spikes
Not Started
E Tarrant
N Beltline to Stadium
Not Started
Baron SW 3rd to Tompkins Not Started
Lakeview Dr
S Beltline to Acosta
Kildeer Southwood to Shirecreek Not Started
Shirecreek Kildeer toSouthwood Not Started
England Pkwy to South City Limits Completed
Matthew Rd
161 to Polo Rd
Not Started

The repair to these streets will include sub-base, concrete panels, curb and gutter and then a 2" asphalt overlay. It also includes asphalt recycling on asphalt streets.

Alley Name From/To Status
Bristol Cir Alley
Bristol Cir to S Carrier
Not Started
Meadows Dr Alley
Fairfield to Summerfield
Not Started

Updated: January 2016