Water and Wastewater Utilities

Grand Prairie served 46,395 accounts as of December 2014. User types break down to 133 industrial, 2,567 commercial, 448 governmental and 43,247 residential. The water distribution system is made up of about 804 miles of water lines and 7,489 fire hydrants. The city gets its water from Dallas Water Utilities, Fort Worth Water Utilities and from city-owned wells.

  • Dallas Water Utilities provides water at two distribution sites; the north with a maximum capacity of 20 million gallons per day, and the south with a maximum capacity of 30 million gallons per day.
  • Fort Worth Water Utilities provides 2.5 million gallons of water per day to the northeast portion of the city. The city's wells pump over 9 million gallons per day at capacity. Storage capacity is 48.8 million gallons, elevated and ground tanks.

Average water use was 23.9 mgd (December 2014).

The city operates its own wastewater collection system with 798 miles of gravity sewer lines and 13 lift stations. The Trinity River Authority treats all Grand Prairie's wastewater and operates seven major trunk sewer lines serving the city.