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1/4 Cent Sales Tax Program for Street Repairs

The Street Maintenance Sales Tax fund provides the resources for the repair of existing city streets and alleys. Streets Division: 1/4 Cent Sales Tax Program Web Page

I-20 Frontage Roads between SH 161 and Belt Line Road

Design is ongoing. Scheduled to break ground in late 2017 with completion set for 2020.
Transportation Services
I-30 Frontage Roads between 7th Street and Belt Line Road Construction of Eastbound frontage roads is scheduled to be complete in 2018.
 Transportation Services
I-30/SH 360 Interchange (Part of this project is in Grand Prairie.) Improvements will replace the existing cloverleaf turnpike configuration with modern direct connect interchange. Scheduled to be complete in 2020.  I-30/SH 360 Project Website:

MacArthur Boulevard

The roadway will be widened from two to four lanes from I-30 north to Hunter-Ferrell Road. Project is currently under construction with an anticipated completion date of Spring 2018.
Engineering Division

Wildlife Parkway from Belt Line to Lower Tarrant

Currently being designed. Construction anticipated to begin in 2018.

Read more about what the Wildlife Parkway project includes.

Engineering Division

Camp Wisdom widening

Project planned to widen Camp Wisdom to four lanes between Carrier and east city limits to extend to FM 1382. Project is currently being designed with construction anticipated to begin in 2018.
Engineering Division

Palace Parkway

Project is planned to extend Palace Parkway from Palace/Belt Line to I-30 looping around vacant properties on northeast corner of IH-30 and Belt Line and connect to new westbound IH-30 frontage road.
Engineering Division

Waterwood Drive

Project planned to extend Waterwood Drive from Arkansas Lane to Highvalley Trail as part of The Epic project.
Engineering Division

Freetown Road from SW 3rd Street to Carrier Parkway

Project is complete and opened to traffic.
Engineering Division

Oakdale from Roy Orr to SH 161

Phase 1: Remove 90° curve and construct a direct access (T-intersection) with Roy Orr Blvd. Design is complete, and project is currently under construction with an anticipated completion date of Spring 2017.

Phase 2 Widen roadway to a 4-lane divided roadway. Preliminary design only.

Engineering Division

SH 360 South

The 9.7-mile State Highway 360 South Project will extend the existing SH 360 to US 287 with two tolled lanes north and two tolled lanes south. Access roads will not be tolled. Construction is in progress and is scheduled to be complete by spring 2018.

360 South Project Website:

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