New City Ordinance for Convenience and Dollar Stores

Post Date:12/18/2017

On November 21, 2017, the Grand Prairie City Council approved a city ordinance to ensure convenience store security in the city.  The new ordinance establishes a registration program for convenience and dollar stores requiring owners to properly register their business with the Grand Prairie Police Department.

Requirements for registration include store owner contact information, and proof of surveillance video recording devices, alarm systems, drop safes and security signs.  After a convenience/dollar store complies with the ordinance requirements, the Chief of Police will provide the store with a registration compliance decal which must be displayed above a public entrance door to the store.  The store must also display a certificate of registration at all times for the public to see.

Convenience store owners who do not have their businesses registered by July 1, 2018, may be fined.  The purpose of this ordinance is to ensure these businesses have certain security measures in place to help prevent and reduce crime and enhance the prosecution efforts of those crimes that are committed at these locations.  For more information, call 972-237-8296.

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